6-9 October 2010
At the International Fair
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The environment a key concern for Morocco’s future

Morocco offers numerous advantages in terms of environmental and developmental capital: its geographical location, diverse climate, terrain, and ecosystems plus its rich natural resources (quarries, fishing, timber, agriculture etc.) and considerable human potential.

A healthy economic climate

- Robust financial situation confirmed by IMF reports. (Stable currency, trade surplus, reduced foreign debt).
- GDP rose by more than 6.5% in 2007 and 5.5% in 2008.
- A budget deficit of 2.6 % between 1998 and 2007.
- Inflation under control, averaging 1.8% per year between 1998 and 2006. ( - Dynamism of institutions facilitating the setting-up of companies thanks to a favorable fiscal policy and to economic reforms.

Concrete and scheduled investments

Major projects under way and planned 2009-2020

Water management and systems

- PAGER Programme: 11 million people will be connected to the drinking water supply
- Desalination plants planned
- National sewerage system: developed in 2005, expected to meet 80% of needs by 2015
- Creation of new irrigation systems
- Building of 200 treatment plants

Waste and recycling

- New law on waste management and treatment, including the definition and classification of waste, a national programme for the management of hazardous waste and the building of managed waste dumps
- Building of the National special waste treatment centre with a budget of DH200M (E18.3 million)


- Major wind farm projects scheduled for completion by 2012 generating a total of 1200 MW
- Opening of several photovoltaic solar power plants each generating up to 150 MW
- Rural electrification programme with individual photovoltaic panels.
- Access to the national grid for auto-producers for up to 50 MW per operator
- Building of 125 hydroelectric dams
- Creation of a renewable energy fund


- Air quality monitoring system (Expansion of the network and search for solutions)
- Reduction of emissions (the air law 2003) and decrees of application
- Incentive at the industrial level (bottom of industrial development and implementation of a national bottom of the environment)

Safeguarding the environment and natural sites

- Establishment of “Points de vie” oasis protection and development programme

Sustainable development

- Setting up of the first Carbon Fund in Morocco, the FCCM